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Residential Applications

From outdoor patio furniture, fire pits, exercise equipment, appliances and electronics to landscaping equipment.
What can we cover for you?

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Our covers can help reduce the number of environment agents the sensitive precision equipment may be exposed to.

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Restaurant/Food Service

Our food service covers will enhance, proofing, freshness, sanitation and security

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Commercial and Industrial Equipment

Protect your gear from all the elements.

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Coverall Covers Manufacturer of Protective Covers for Any Application

Our Covers


Protect items or machinery from dust or unwanted intrusion


Items such as exercise equipment or anything stored outdoors and protected from the elements


Provide protection and covering for laundry racks or anything that needs Covers that can be sterilized in an autoclave oven.

Food Service

Our covers keep products fresh, for use in proofing baked goods and to keep airborne particles from edible goods.

Looking for a Custom Cover?

Coverall makes all kinds of covers out of flexible materials like vinyl and nylon.
We are family owned and have been in business for over 50 years. 

Coverall's Manufacturing Capabilities

Contact Coverall Covers for your covering needs.

Bound Double Stitched Seams

All work is LOCKstitched so that stitching will not unravel.

Secure Fastening

We can provide secure covers with standard velcro or zipper options

Breathable Materials

In some applications it is desirable to have air flowing into the rack and/or heat and moisture escaping.


Reinforced Corners

Reinforced top protects 4 corners from piercing rack cover.

Transparent Panels

Allows viewing of product inside rack.


Covers can be customized with your screen printed or embroidered company logo